Emotional Prep Guide

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in the Emotional Prep Guide. My name is Yahozka, lead photographer and owner of Gabriela Cruz Photography. 


I have created this Prep Guide for those who: 

have been thinking about booking a boudoir shoot, but  aren’t sure if you’re ready.

The idea sounds interesting to you, but you’re afraid of how it will go.

Please know that it is normal to feel nervous about doing a boudoir shoot, but once you get there - the experience is unreal and totally life changing. 


We Get It

We know that it isn’t easy to bare all in front of a stranger.
Some of us even struggle to bare all in front of our intimate partners.

We understand.

We know that you might have some personal trauma connected to your body or sexuality. It’s normal to feel apprehensive about a boudoir photo shoot – especially an empowerment shoot.

That’s why we made this Emotional Prep Guide.

We want you to know that we understand and want to prepare you for the emotional experience that comes with a boudoir photo shoot.

We want you to feel in control.

What IS an empowerment boudoir session?

An empowerment boudoir photoshoot is all about YOU.

It’s about regaining your confidence, finding your own unique beauty, taking control of your sexuality, and stepping in your amazing feminine power.

✅ YOU decide what’s comfortable for you.
✅ YOU decide on your wardrobe with UNLIMITED wardrobe changes.
✅ YOU get pampered and relaxed before your session – we style YOU!
✅ YOU decide if you want your images retouched – from natural to magazine – it's all up to you.
✅ YOU decide what happens with your images.

What is NOT an empowerment session?

An empowerment boudoir photoshoot is NOT about impressing anyone else. It’s about impressing you and discovering yourself.

Though you are free to use your images however you like (even giving them as gifts) the empowerment boudoir photoshoot experience is not about impressing anyone else. It’s about YOU.





Emotional Prep Guide

Want this FREE Emotional Prep Guide to get ready for your upcoming empowerment boudoir photo shoot?

How can this FREE guide help prepare you for an empowerment boudoir photo shoot?

❤ This guide will help you take a close, calm look at your fears and apprehensions.

❤ It’ll help you discover your goals and the power you have in your boudoir shoot.

❤ It includes how-tos and pointers about how to prepare for a boudoir session and how to get yourself into the drivers’ seat of your entire experience.


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